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ascinated by the variety of timbres that instruments can produce, Renaissance musicians developed a wide variety of sound colors, ranging from the almost vocal sound of the bowed strings to the chirpy, bird-like sound of the high winds, the twang of the wire-strung cittern, and the buzz of the crumhorns.   The sixteenth century musician's love of variety can be seen in the vast array of instruments imitated by organ stops of the period, by surviving instruments and pictures of instruments, and also by eyewitness accounts of the cornucopia of instruments used to provide music for the lavish banquets of royalty.   When a group of instruments is played together, whether they be all of the same family or different, a “consort” is formed.

In true English Consort style, the Baltimore Consort, America's most popular early music ensemble, mixes instruments from different families, The Baltimore Consort was founded to perform instrumental music of Shakespeare's time.   Although later joined by a singer, the group's experience of rehearsing purely instrumentally forged its identity as an ensemble dedicated to exploiting the diverse sound colors offered by gut and wire-strung plucked and bowed strings and transverse and end-blown flutes and recorders, capped reeds and percussion.   Hence their newest release: Gut, Wind and Wire.   Having expanded upon the musical arrangements of Shakespeare's contemporaries, The Baltimore Consort enjoys returning to its origins - the English music for broken consort.   The result is music that is an inspiration and a joy, just as it was for listeners in 1600, as witnessed by a poem on the power of music by Richard Edwards.

This recording will give the Baltimore Consort listeners an overview of its instrumental repertory for the last 26 years.

The Baltimore Consort and Guest Artists

Mary Anne Ballard, viols, fiddle, rebec
Mark Cudek, cittern, recorder, crumhorn, viol
Edwin George, (guest artist) recorder track 1
Larry Lipkis, bass viol, recorder, crumhorn
Ronn McFarlane, lute
Chris Norman, flutes, bagpipe, bodhran 3, 4, 8-10, 12, 13, 15, 24, 29-32, 34-36
Mindy Rosenfeld, flutes and fifes 5, 16-21, 22, 26-28, 33
William Simms, (guest artist) bandora 24, 25, 29



  1.Scotch CapThe English Dancing Master 16511:56

La Rocque 'n' Roll

  2.Galliard d'escossePierre Phalèse
Liber Primus Leviorum Carminum 1571

  3.Laroque GalliardPierre Phalèse
Liber Primus Leviorum Carminum

  4.Alemande de LiègePierre Phalèse
Liber Primus Leviorum Carminum

A Scottish Air

  5.Doun in yon bankSkene Mandora MS c.1630-331:51

The Scottish Lute

  6.The CanariesThe Straloch Lute Book c.1627-290:52

  7.CanariesThe Straloch Lute Book1:40

An English Country Ball

  8.All in a Garden GreenThe English Dancing Master 16511:56

  9.Parsons FarewellThe English Dancing Master1:51

10.Beggar BoyThe English Dancing Master1:53

11.John Come Kiss Me NowThe English Dancing Master1:31

12.NewcastleThe English Dancing Master1:51

La Rocque 'n' Roll

13.Branle doubleMichael Praetorius Terpsichore 16120:50

14.Branle de MontirandeMichael Praetorius Terpsichore0:54

15.Branle de la torcheMichael Praetorius Terpsichore1:28

Celtic Flute

16.Johnny FaaScottish traditional1:01

17.Chanter's SongScottish traditional0:58

18.O'Keefe's SlideIrish traditional1:21

19.Sixpenny MoneyIrish traditional0:34

20.Ten Penny BitIrish traditional0:35

21.Clare JigIrish traditional1:17

Ronn's Tunes

22.SycamoreRonn McFarlane b.19534:26

23.Indigo RoadRonn McFarlane3:14

The Ladye's Delight

24.My Lord of Oxenford's MaskeConsort Lessons 15991:44

25.The Queen's TrebleJane Pickering Lute Book 16161:54

Renaissance Italy

26.Bianco FioreCesare Negri Le gratie d'amore 16020:55

27.Catena d'amoreCesare Negri Le gratie d'amore1:28

28.So ben mi ch'ha bon tempoOrazio Vecchi
Selva di varia ricreatione 1590

Musick's Silver Sound

29.Joyne HandsThomas Morley Consort Lessons 15991:26

30.PavenThomas Wode's Partbooks 1562-c.15921:39

31.GalliardThe Dublin Virginal MS c.15701:20

32.Green GartersJohn Johnson c.1540-15952:37

Celtic Flute

33.Pentland HillsJames Oswald
Caledonian Pocket Companion 1747

Scotland's Native Airs

34.Whip my ToudieStraloch Lute Book c.1627-291:45

35.Remember me at EveningSkene Mandora MS c.1630-331:55

36.A Scot's TuneSkene Mandora MS c.1630-332:08

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