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Mozart Requiem
Revised and completed by Robert D. Levin

Les Violons du Roy Bernard Labadie
With La Chapelle de Québec
Karina Gauvin • Marie-Nicole Lemieux
John Tessier • Nathan Berg

DOR-90310 Cover

Mozart's unfinished Requiem presents a breathtaking tableau of Baroque and Classical style.   The present completion seeks a stylistically idiomatic restoration that fully respects its 200-year history.   All of its changes seek to emphasize the spiritual and dramatic power of Mozart's fragment by placing it in a more focused light.   As inadequate as such attempts must be, it is hoped that it will serve Mozart's spirit while honoring his craftsmanship.
Recorded live at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall in Troy, NY
Program Note by Robert D. Levin

  1. Requiem 5:22
  2. Kyrie 2:30

  3. Dies irae 1:41
  4. Tuba mirum 3:10
  5. Rex tremendae 2:05
  6. Recordare 5:15
  7. Confutatis 2:28
  8. Lacrimosa 2:53
  9. Amen 1:39

10. Domine Jesu 3:31
11. Hostias 4:08
12. Sanctus 2:07
13. Benedictus 5:56

14. Agnus Dei 3:58

15. Lux aeterna 3:09
16. Cum sanctis tuis 2:54

Total Program Length: 52:55

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