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Laura Risk, Fiddle, Viola
Ken Kolodner, Hammered Dulcimer
with guests
Keith Murphy, Guitar
Joseph Sobol, Guitar, Citern

DOR-90295 Cover

Like a roof for the rain, traditional music offers us a sense of home.
The clean, sweet melodies setling into a groove; the lollop of a hornpipe and the measured race of the reel; these speak to us of comfort.
As touring musicians, we find ourselves in unfamiliar places more often than not.   We love to explore these new worlds; still, we are always on the lookout for reminders of home.   Ken seeks out soccer games and late-night milkshakes; Laura looks for subway systems and dark leafy greens!
In the end though, it is in the tunes themselves that we find the comfort and warmth born of long acquaintance.   These melodies are a safe place from which we venture out into the wider worlds of improvisation and composition.   This music is a home from which we explore the wonders of new places and new people.

1.]   A Roof for the Rain (Ken Kolodner, U.S.) / O'Sullivan's Polka (Ireland)
2.]   Autumn in Paris (John Sheehan, Ireland)
3.]   Breton Dance (France) / The Breakers Reel (Keith Murphy, U.S.)
4.]   The Golden Eagle (Ireland/U.S.) / Memories of Father Angus MacDonell
       (Mike MacDougall, Cape Breton) / McDonald's (Scotland/Québec)
5.]   Summer's End (Ken Kolodner, U.S.) / March of the King of Laois (Ireland)
6.]   Reel Traditionnel (Québec) / Reel Traditionnel (Québec) / Reel Lindbergh (Québec)
7.]   Providence Waltz (Laura Risk, U.S.) / The 24th of September (Ken Kolodner, U.S.)
8.]   The Flying Buttress Polka (Keith Murphy, U.S.) / Donacha Lynch's (Ireland)
9.]   The Galway (Ireland) / Stan Ransom's (Ken Kolodner, U.S.)
10.] Marche à Quêteux Pomerleau (Québec) / McDowell's (U.S.) /
       4ème Partie de Quadrille Bouchard (Québec) / Reel St-Joseph (Québec)
11.] Downfall of Paris (Ireland/France)
12.] Sandy's Dilemna (Laura Risk, U.S.) / Coalminer's (Ireland) / Monaghan Twig (Ireland)

Total Program Length: 59:58

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