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The Flower of Port Williams
Traditional Favorites from Maritime Canada and Beyond
The Chris Norman Ensemble

DOR-90289 Cover
This CD is a shining celebration of traditional music from Quebec, Cape Breton and Scotland.   Chris performs a wide variety of reels, strathspeys, and other traditional dance tunes that conjure up images of his youth in Nova Scotia.   Chris was inspired to contribute several of his own compositions including the title track, The Flower of Port Williams, a wonderful musical tribute to his late mother.

This recording is dedicated to the Memory of
Yvonne Grace Norman (1922-1997).

[1]   Marche du Mont St Louis • Trad. Québécois
        Clog de Pariseau • Trad. Québécois
        La Ronde des Voyageurs • Trad. Québécois

[2]   Escadrille • Trad. French

[3]   Marche des Ouvriers • Trad. Québécois
        Marche Cécilia • Trad. Québécois

[4]   The Flower of Port Williams • Chris Norman (BMI)

[5]   Tha mi sgνth • Trad. Scottish
        Two Skye Dances • Trad. Scottish
        Ho-rin-o-iri-o-ho, Nighean an airich • Trad. Scottish

[6]   The Gravenstein • Chris Norman (BMI)
        Marlys Norman’s Reel • Chris Norman (BMI)

[7]   Aldivalloch • Trad. Scottish

[8]   My Wife has Scolded me • Trad. Scottish
        Tibby Fowler o’ the Glen • Trad. Scottish
        The Victoria Line • Dan Hughie MacEachern
        Margaree Reel • Trad. Cape Breton

[9]   Two Valse Clogs • Trad. Québécois

[10] Galope Jornoch • Trad. Québécois
        Galope Blandine • Trad. Québécois

[11] Flora MacDonald • Trad. Scottish
        Woofin’ the Cat • Trad. Scottish

[12] La Rose • Trad. Prince Edward Island

Total Program Length:   60:07

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