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The Merry Making

Laura Risk ~ Fiddle
Susie Petrov ~ Piano
Dennis Cahill ~ Guitar
Christopher Layer ~ Wooden Flutes, Scottish small pipes
Brian Melick ~ Percussion

DOR-90282 Cover

The violin performs exceptionally well as a dance instrument.   Its tone can pierce through a noisy hall, demanding attention and inspiring movement.   The bow's sharp, driving accents propel the feet forward while the singing tone of the instrument gives phrasing to figures of the dance.   So it makes sense that when interest in dancing skyrocketed in Scotland in the latter part of the 18th century, the violin - then still a fairly recent arrival in the country - quickly became ubiquitous.   Its popularity among dancers has continued unchecked ever since.
- Laura Risk

[1.]   Galope de Jonquière - Trad. Québec
         Mrs. Mary MacDonald - Trad. Scottish

[2.]   Lord Moira - Trad. Scottish
         The Merry Making - Trad. Scottish

[3.]   The Sailor's Wife - Trad. Scottish
         Cullen House - Trad. Scottish/Cape Breton

[4.]   Marc's Waltz - Laura Risk

[5.]   Ross's Reel #4 - Trad. New England
         Sharp's Hornpipe - Trad. New England
         Marquis of Queensbury - Trad. Scottish

[6.]   Clan Ranald - Trad. Scottish

[7.]   Hiawatha - Trad. Cape Breton
         Gramin - James Scott Skinner
         Sailor's Hornpipe - Trad. Scottish

[8.]   Northern March - Trad. Irish
         The 8th Argyll's Farewell - Willie Lawrie

[9.]   John McAlpin - Trad. Scottish

[10.] Gorthleck's Highland Plaid - Trad. Scottish
         Mrs. McPherson of Cluny - Joseph Lowe

[11.] Walter Douglas M.B.E. - Donald MacLeod
         Reel du Verre-Bouteille - Jean-Claude Bélanger

[12.] December Reel - Laura Risk

[13.] Reel du Quêteux Tremblay - Trad. Québec
         The Farmer's Daughter - Trad. Scottish/Cape Breton

[14.] Air Charles St-Hilaire - Trad. Québec

[15.] My Maryanne - Trad. Irish

[16.] Sunday River - Pete Sutherland

Total Program Length:   66:25

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