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Goldberg Variations

(Arr. Labadie)

Les Violons du Roy Bernard Labadie
Nicole Trotier, Olivier Thouin, Pacale Giguère, Noëlla Bouchard Violins
Steven Dann Viola Carla Antoun, 'Cello
Richard Paré, Harpsichord Sylvain Bergeron, Theorbo

xCD-90281 Cover

This arrangement represented a major challenge for me as a performer.   It also meant taking a risk, since inviting a comparison with the original, one of the outstanding creations of the human mind, is a perilous undertaking.   This arrangement should be listened to for what it is: something independent and different, and not with constant reference to the keyboard version.   I sincerely believe that a fundamental characteristic of all great masterworks is their ability to transmit their message in a variety of new ways that, although they will never replace or surpass the original, nevertheless allow the range of forms and materials used in the creation of the works to be appreciated in a new light.   I also beleive in the adaptability and flexability of music as a living material, one that transforms itself as it transforms us, one that makes us all, whether musicians, performers, or listeners, deeper and richer beings.  
- Bernard Labadie

[1]   Aria
[2]   Variatio 1
[3]   Variatio 2
[4]   Variatio 3: Canone all'unisono
[5]   Variatio 4
[6]   Variatio 5
[7]   Variatio 6: Canone alla seconda
[8]   Variatio 7 (al tempo di Giga)
[9]   Variatio 8
[10] Variatio 9: Canone alla terza
[11] Variatio 10: Fughetta
[12] Variatio 11
[13] Variatio 12: Canone alla quarta
[14] Variatio 13
[15] Variatio 14
[16] Variatio 15: Canone alla quinta
[17] Variatio 16: Ouverture
[18] Variatio 17
[19] Variatio 18: Canone alla sesta
[20] Variatio 19
[21] Variatio 20
[22] Variatio 21: Canone alla settima
[23] Variatio 22 (alla breve)
[24] Variatio 23
[25] Variatio 24: Canone all'ottava
[26] Variatio 25
[27] Variatio 26
[28] Variatio 27: Canone alla nona
[29] Variatio 28
[30] Variatio 29
[31] Variatio 30: Quodlibet
[32] Aria

Total Program Length:   79:30

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