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DOR-90274 Cover
Grand Prize-Winner in the First Dorian-EMA Recording Competition
Dorian Recordings and Early Music America are proud to present the debut commercial recording of The Concord Ensemble, the Grand Prize-Winner in the First Dorian-EMA Recording Competition.
The competition, co-sponsored by Early Music America, the service organization for early music in North America, and the Dorian Group, Ltd. is designed to identify exceptional emerging artists with major career potential.   More than eighty entries were judged, ranging from instrumental soloists to Baroque chamber orchestras.
The Dorian-EMA Recording Competition offers an unparalleled opportunity to reach an international audience, while providing all entrants from the Early Music community the chance to learn the requirements of the commercial recording process.

The works presented in this recording will expose the listener to a wide variety of styles by some 16th century Spanish composers: from the secular to the sacred, from the humor of Mateo Flecha to the mysticism of Tomás Luis de Victoria.   The repertoire is ample and worth exploring.

[1.]   La guerra - Mateo Flecha (1481-1553)
[2.]   Veni, Domine, et noli tardare - Cristóbal de Morales (ca.1550-1553)
[3.]   Jubilate Deo omnis terra - Morales
[4.]   Lágrimas de mi consuelo (version 1) - Juan Vásquez (ca. 1510-ca.1560)
[5.]   Lágrimas de mi consuelo (version 2) - Vásquez
[6.]   Quien dize quel'ausencia - Vásquez
[7.]   O sacrum convivium - Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548-1611)
[8.]   Benedicta sit sancta Trinitas - Victoria
[9.]   El que sin ti bibir ya no querría - Vásquez
[10.] Ojos morenos, quándo nos veremos? - Vásquez

Missa Dum complerentur - Victoria
[11.] Kyrie
[12.] Gloria
[13.] Credo
[14.] Sanctus-Benedictus
[15.] Angus Dei

Total Program Length:   62:38

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