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Cha Cha lounge


xCD-90266 Cover

The Cha Cha Lounge is a fancy nightclub in an unwritten movie.   It's a clash of cultures: Afro-Cuban music and dance in the midst of strait-laced Salt Lake City.   In the club is a hot band blasting its pulsing syncopations.   And the tunes themselves, in the Pérez Prado tradition, pack some surprises.
Anthony DiLorenzo, trumpet wizard of Proteus 7, is also the group's house composer.   For the Cha Cha Lounge project, he even invented the house.   "A Buddy of mine in Salt Lake City, where I live, runs a resteraunt, and he recently thought about opening a nightclub.   This was when Proteus 7 was starting this recording project, and I suddenly saw this movie image of a Latin dance club in a completely incongruous location."      

[1.]   Weekend Jam . Anthony DiLorenzo
[2.]   Brazil . A. Barroso (Arr. Paul Ferguson)
[3.]   Ran Kan Kan . Tito Puente (Arr. F. Feza Zweifel)
[4.]   Besame Mucho . Consuelo Velaquez (Arr. Zweifel)
[5.]   Balada del Sol . DiLorenzo
[6.]   Better Days Ahead . Pat Metheny (Arr. Kim Scharnberg)
[7.]   Sambatina . DiLorenzo
[8.]   Skokiaan . August Msarurgwa (Arr. Zweifel)
[9.]   Verano Amor . DiLorenzo
[10.] Mambo #5 . Pérez Prado (Arr. Ferguson)
[11.] Cha Cha Lounge . DiLorenzo
[12.] Frenesi . Alberto Dominguez (Arr. Zweifel)
[13.] Perfidia . Dominguez (Arr. Zweifel)
[14.] Cuban Pete . José Norman (Arr. Ferguson)
[15.] Peanut Vendor (El Manisero) . Moises Simons (Arr. Ferguson)
[16.] Malagueña . Ernesto Lecuona (Arr. Ferguson)

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