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Laura Risk, Fiddle and Viola
Ken Kolodner, Hammer Dulcimer
Robin Bullock, 6 & 12 String Guitars, Cittern and Piano

The ancient rhythms and melodies of traditional Celtic music have captured the imaginations of vast numbers of people in recent years.   As the boundaries in our world continue to crumble, humankind looks to its cultural roots for the seeds of creative expression that nurture us and hold hope for re-birth.   Those seeds live in the folk and indigenous traditions of music, story and dance, which reach down through time and speak clearly to us in the present day.   The music of the Celtic lands, particularly powerful in the world right now, is brought to life most eloquently by the trio

[  1] The concertina Reel - Trad. Irish
        The Glenburney Rant - Trad. Scottish
        The Cape Breton Fiddlers' Welcome to Shetland - Willie Hunter (Scotland)
        The Barrowburn Reel - Addie Harper, Sr. (Scotland)

[  2] Chief O'Neill's Favorite - Trad. Irish
        Hangman's Rope - Trad. Irish

[  3] The Rolling Wave - Trad. Irish
        The Shaskeen - Trad. Irish

[  4] The Knocknaboul - Trad. Irish
        Salmon Tails Up the Water - Trad. Irish

[  5] First Light in the Mountains - Robin Bullock
        The Open Road - Robin Bullock

[  6] The Convenience Reel - Olcan Masterson (Ireland)
        Dinky's - Trad. Irish
        Jackson's - Trad. Irish

[  7] Mademoiselle de Paris - Trad. French
        Varpunnen - Trad. Finnish
        Molly Rankin's - John Morris Rankin (Cape Breton)

[  8] Sheila Coyle's - Trad. Irish

[  9] The Ice Castle - Robin Bullock
        Old Rag - Ken Kolodner

[10] Sean Ryan's - Sean Ryan (Ireland)
        The Old Favorite - Trad. Irish
        Old Joe's - Trad. Irish

[11] Over the Moor to Maggie - Trad. Irish
        Crossing the Minch - Donald MacLeod (Scotland)
        MacArthur Road - Cathal McConnell (Ireland)

[12] Bi Falbh O'n Unineig (Go Away From the Window) - Trad. Scottish

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