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Percussion Ensemble
Ricardo Gallardo, Artistic Director
Iván Manzanilla - Alfredo Bringas - Raúl Tudón

with guests including
Enrique Arturo Diemecke conducting Camerata de las Americas

DOR-90245 Cover - 17847 Bytes Tambuco was founded in 1993 by four distinguished Mexican musicians whose musical attention focuses on four main goals.

1.) To collaborate extensively with composers of all nationalities in order to develop a repertoire of their own.

2.) To develop a very personal style of interpretation when performing the main works of the international percussion repertoire.

3.) To perfect the techniques and idioms used in contemporary music.

4.) To incorporate music, instruments and playing techniques of ethnic origin, and offer them to diverse audiences and also to the composers who write for Tambuco. Over time Tambuco has acquired and played over one hundred percussion instruments from various parts of the world.

[1] Altar de Neón (1995) - Gabriela Ortiz (b.1964)

[2] Rítmica 5 (1930) - Amadeo Roldán (1900 - 1939)

[3] Rítmica 6 (1930) - Amadeo Roldán

[4] La Chunga de la Jungla (1996) - Eugenio Toussaint (b.1954)

[5] Zappaloapan (1994) - Santiago Ojeda (b.1963)

[6] Marimba Spiritual (1983-84) - Minoru Miki (b.1930)

[7] Hook (1992) - Graham Fitkin (b.1963)

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