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A Trip to Killburn

Playford Tunes and their Ballads

The Baltimore Consort

The English Dancing Master, first published by John Playford in 1651, is an anthology of top tunes from the 17th century.   Used for country dancing, but also for ballad settings and artful concert pieces, these are melodies that set a-tapping the toes of Charles II, Henry Purcell and Samuel Pepys.
- Mary Anne Ballard
[  1] All in a Garden Green
[  2] Parsons Farewell
[  3] Beggar Boy
[  4] John Come Kiss Me Now
[  5] Newcastle

[  6] The French Report
    (tune of A la mode de France or Nonesuch)

[  7] The Mulberry Garden

[  8] A Scots Rant
[  9] A Trip to Killburn

[10] The Broom of Cowdenknows
    (tune of The Bonny Broom)

[11] The Joviall Broome Man
    (tune of Jamaica)

[12] Lull Me Beyond Thee
[13] An Italian Rant

[14] The Famous Ratcatcher
    (tune of Tom a Bedlam or The Jovial Tinker)

[15] Jenny Pluck Pears
[16] Bobbing Joe
[17] Merry, Merry Milkmaids

[18] The Beautiful Shepherdess of Arcadia
    (tune of The Shepherd's Daughter or Parson Upon Dorothy

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