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Lullaby Journey

Custer LaRue, Soprano
Chris Norman, Wooden Flute
Kim Robertson, Celtic Harp

As with any long held custom, the tradition of singing lullabies has many dimensions.   The lullaby as a magical charm and a bridge to the subconscious, the use of sleep as a metaphor for death, the bedtime story lullaby, the lullaby as a love song, and lastly the lullaby that says simply "go to sleep."
- Chris Norman

[  1] Hwi Hwi - Traditional Welsh
[  2] The Whippoorwill Song - Traditional Ozark
[  3] Sweetly She Sleeps, My Alice Fair - Stephen Foster
[  4] Lovely Willy - Traditional Irish
[  5] Morpheus Descending - Chris Norman
[  6] Cradle Song (words by A. Lord Tennyson) - Chris Norman
[  7] Gloomy Winter's Now Awa' (words by Robert Tannahill) - Alexander Campbell
[  8] Mine Eyes are now Closing to Rest - American Shape Note Hymn
[  9] All the Pretty Little Horses - Traditional American
[10] Hwi Hwi Reprise - Traditional Welsh
[11] Manx Lullaby - Traditional Manx
[12] Cape Breton Lullaby I - Traditional Cape Breton
[13] Cape Breton Lullaby II - Traditional Cape Breton
[14] Gartan Mother's Lullaby - Traditional Irish
[15] Acadian Lullaby - Traditional Nova Scotia
[16] Now I am Asleep - Traditional Scottish
[17] Beautiful Dreamer - Stephen Foster

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