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Mathé Plays Kreisler

Ulrike-Anima Mathé, Violin
Samuel Sanders, Piano

Since Dorian Recordings is based in Troy, New York, it pleases us to note that Kreisler gave a number of acclaimed performances in the teens and 1920s at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, under the auspices of the Troy Chromatic Concerts.   They were appearances that tell us much about the man and the musician.   Later in the 1920s Kreisler appeared again in Troy, and there as everywhere else he became the best-loved musician of his time.
- Kevin Bazzana

[  1] Schön Rosmarin (Arr. Kreisler)
[  2] Tambourin Chinois (Kreisler, Op.3)
[  3] Caprice Viennois (Kreisler, Op.2)
[  4] Liebesleid (Arr. Kreisler)
[  5] Marche Miniature Viennoise (Kreisler)
[  6] Viennese Rhapsodic Fantasietta (Kreisler)
[  7] Sicilienne and Riguadon - in the style of F. Francoeur (Francoeur/Kreisler)
[  8] "Midnight Bells" from The Opera Ball (R. Heuberger/Kreisler)
[  9] Danse Espagnole (Manuel de Falla/Kreisler)
[10] Lotusland (Cyril Scott/Kreisler)
[11] Syncopation (Kreisler)
[12] Tango (I. Albeniz, Op.165 No.2/Kreisler)
[13] Scherzo - in the style of Dittersdorf (Dittersdorf/Kreisler)
[14] Cavatina (Kreisler)
[15] Slavonic Dance Themes No.1 in G Minor (Antonin Dvorák/Kreisler)
[16] Slavonic Dance Themes No.2 in E Minor (Dvorák/Kreisler)
[17] Mazurka in A Major (Frederic Chopin, Op.33 No.2/Kreisler)
[18] Mazurka in A Minor (Chopin/Kreisler)
[19] "Gypsy Song" from Songs My Mother Taught Me (Dvorák/Kreisler)

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