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The Hidden Haydn
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

Apollo Ensemble - John Hsu, Conductor

Symphony No.12 in E Major
Symphony No.64 in A Major
Symphony No.44 in E Major

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Haydn's original employment contract stipulated that he could not have his compositions published without the official approval of his patron Prince Nicholas Esterhazy.   This restriction was omitted in Haydn's renegotiated contract of 1779.   As far as we know, none of his symphonies were published before that year, and thus in a sense were "hidden" from the musical world at large.
- John Hsu

Symphony No.12 in E major
[  1] Allegro
[  2] Adagio
[  3] Finale:Presto

Symphony No.64 in A Major, "Tempora Mutantur"
[  4] Allegro con spirito
[  5] Largo
[  6] Menuet: Allegretto
[  7] Finale: Presto

Symphony No.44 in E Minor
[  8] Allegro con brio
[  9] Menuetto: Allegretto
[10] Adagio
[11] Finale: Presto

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