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An American Tapestry

Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Andrew Litton, Conductor

If these five short orchestral works have anything in common, besides their nationality, it is their popularity: those by Griffes, Piston, and Schuman are arguably the most popular (though not necessarily most representative) works by those compusers; Hovhaness's Mysterious Mountain reached a nationwide television audience the same year it was composed; and Ives' Three Places in New England is perhaps as great a "hit" as he ever wrote.
- Kevin Bazzana

William Schuman (b.1910)
New England Triptych
[  1] I. Be Glad Then, America
[  2] II. When Jesus Wept
[  3] III. Chester

Charles Tomlinson Griffes (1884-1920)
[  4] The White Peacock, Op.7, No.1

Charles Ives (1874-1954)
Three Places in New England
[  5] I. The "St.Gaudens" in Boston Common
      (Col. Robert Gould Shaw and his Coloured Regiment)
[  6] II. Putnam's Camp, Redding, Connecticut
[  7] III. The Housatonic at Stockbridge

Alan Hovhannes (b.1911)
Mysterious Mountain (Symphony No.2)
[  8] Andante con moto
[  9] Moderato Maestoso (Double Fugue)
[10] Andante espressivo

Walter Piston (1894-1976)
The Incredible Flutist
[11] Introduction - Siesta in the Market Place
[12] Entrance of the Vendors
[13] Entrance of the Customers
[14] Tango of the Merchant's Daughters
[15] Arrival of the Circus
[16] Circus March
[17] The Flutist
[18] Minuet
[19] Spanish Waltz
[20] (Eight o'clock strikes)
[21] Siciliana
[22] Polka Finale

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