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Max Reger (1873-1916)
Four Sonatas for Unaccompanied Violin Op.91, Vol.II

Ulrike-Anima Mathé, Violin

DOR-90212 Cover - 21466 Bytes Limiting Max Reger to a single violin might seem like limiting Orson Welles to a Polaroid.   Few composers have the reputation for density and complexity of style that Reger does, a reputation that even ardent admirers admit has some validity.   Whether writing for keyboard or chamber ensemble or orchestra, Reger could usually be counted on to blacken the page, developing a busy network of motives within a dense - and densely-scored - contrapuntal texture.   So the solo violin might seem to be the least likely instrumental medium for Reger to take up, for surely he could do little more with it than parody his characteristic style.   Yet he would turn to this inherently restricted medium half a dozen times over a period of fifteen years.
- Kevin Bazzana
Sonata in A Minor, Op.91, No.1
[  1] Grave (ma con moto)
[  2] Vivace
[  3] Andante sostenuto
[  4] Allegro energico

Sonata in B-Flat Major, Op.91, No.3
[  5] Allegro moderato
[  6] Prestissimo (Scherzo)
[  7] Vivace

Sonata in E Minor, Op.91, No.5
[  8] Allegro moderato
[  9] Con moto
[10] Larghetto
[11] Allegro energico

Sonata in G Major, Op.91, No.6
[12] Allegro commodo
[13] Allegretto (quasi Andante) (non Allegro)
[14] Andante
[15] Vivacissimo

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