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English Folksongs for Guitar

Edward Flower

Joel Brown, Guest Artist

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I wish I could write something which would give the listener some insight about the settings on this recording, but the process of writing them seems so chaotic in retrospect that it defies helpful description.   I began them initially to doctor a concert program which seemed too severe.   Working with these tunes became so uplifting that I just kept going, and the result is the collection presented on this album.   Almost all of these songs have important personal associations for me.   Some I learned in childhood and many I learned for professional reasons, but they have all been "present" within me for many years.      - Edward Flower

[1] The Death of Queen Jane
[2] She Moved Through the Fair
[3] I Wish
[4] The Lass of Patie's Mill
[5] The Golden Vanity
[6] Nottamun Town
[7] The Water is Wide
[8] My Last Farewell to Stirling
[  9] The Cherry Tree Carol
[10] Barbara Allen
[11] The Drunken Sailor
[12] Suo Gan
[13] Simple Gifts
[14] The Grey Cock
[15] The House Carpenter
[16] Wild Mountain Thyme

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