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Music by Suk, Janácek, Smetana and Novák

Antonin Kubalek, Piano

DOR-90185 Cover - 14517 Bytes All four composers whose music appears on this disc are gazing into the past in these particular works.   This prevailing mood of nostalgia was was not an intentional choice on my part, as appropriate as it may seem to the occasion.   Only Smetana's Memories of Bohemia was selected soecifically to assist me in my little anniversary reminiscence.   The rest of the pieces on the program were chosen because of their particular relationship to certain milestones in my performing career.   Novák's Memories Op. 6 was part of my very first public recital in Prague forty years ago.   Janácek's In the Mists was part of the recital program which I used to introduce myself to the North American public in 1969.   My reasons, however, for choosing Suk's About Mother are of an entirely different nature.   ...........
Antonin and Patricia Kubalek - 1993

About Mother, Op. 28 (O matince, 1907)
JOSEPH SUK (1874-1935)

[1] When Mother was a Young Girl
[2] Once Upon a Spring
[3] How She Sang at Night to Her Sick Child
[4] Mother's Heart
[5] Remembering

In the Mist (1912)
LEOS JANÁCEK (1854-1928)

[6] Andante
[7] Adagio
[8] Andantino
[9] Presto

Memories of Bohemia in the Form of Polkas

[10] Opus 12, No. 1
[11] Opus 12, No. 2
[12] Opus 13, No. 1
[13] Opus 13, No. 2

Memories, Op. 6 (1894)

[14] Triste
[15] Inquieto
[16] Amoroso

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