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Symphony in B-Flat, Op. 20

Escales / Divertissement

Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Eduardo Mata - Conductor

DOR-90181 Cover - 25108 Bytes Chausson's Symphony premiered on April 18, 1891, at a concert of the Société Nationale, with the composer conducting.   It received a favorable response from the audience that included a powerful contingent of supporters; however, it drew only tepid dismissal from the critics, who had little appreciation for the work of any composer associated with the bande á Franck.

Parisian Jacques Ibert found his voice in impressionistic and neo-classical techniques.   Although as a young man Ibert studied piano with his mother, and - without training in composition - composed, his first love was the theatre.   While teaching acting at the Paris Conservatoire, he began musical studies with Pessard, Fuaré and Gedalge at the age of twenty.   After World War I service in the French Navy, he studied with Paul Vidal and Paris' most popular compositional matriach, Nadia Boulanger.   In 1919 he won the coveted Prix de Rome and established a three year residence at the Villa Medici in Rome.
- J. Knighten-Smit

Ernest Chausson (1855-1899)
Symphony in B-Flat, Op. 20 (1890)
[  1] Lento; Allegro vivo
[  2] Trés lent; Un Peu plus vite
[  3] Animé; très animé

Jacques Ibert (1890-1962)
Escales (Ports of Call) (1922)
[  4] Palérmo: Calme
[  5] Tunis: Modéré très rythmé
[  6] Valencia: Animé

Divertissement (1930)
[  7] Introduction: Allegro vivo
[  8] Cortège: Moderato molto
[  9] Nocturne: Lento
[10] Valse: Animato assai
[11] Parade: Tempo di marcia
[12] Finale: Quasi cadenza

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