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Kalichstein ~ Laredo ~ Robinson Trio

DOR-90164 Cover - 20649 BYtes These four compositions are not piano trios in the nineteenth-century sense of concert works for three profesional performers having roughly equal responsibilities.   Rather, they belong to the immensely popular eighteenth-century genre of accompanied keyboard sonata: works to be played in the drawing room, or salon, by an amateur keyboard player with one or more supporting performers.   Many such works were composed so that the keyboard part could be played as a solo.   In Haydn's trios the violin is in dispensable, sharing the primary melodic responsibilities with the right hand of the piano, but in many movements the cello has little that is not doubled in the left hand of the piano.   Changing conventions help explain why a group of works that ranked among Haydn's most widely known compositions in his lifetime would would have fallen into neglect during the nineteenth century and remained there for most of the twentieth.   Only in the last two decades have the Haydn trios fully come back into their own.
- Stephen C. Fisher

JOSEPH HAYDN (1732-1809)

Trio in E Minor, Hob. XV:12
[1] Allegro moderato
[2] Andante
[3] Rondo: Presto

Trio in C Major, Hob. XV:27
[4] Allegro
[5] Andante
[6] Finale: Presto
Trio in E Major, Hob. XV:28
[7] Allegro moderato
[8] Allegretto
[9] Finale: Allegro

Trio in G Major, Hob. XV:25
[10] Andante
[11] Poco Adagio
[6] Finale ("Gypsy Rondo"): Presto

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