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Antonin Kubalek, Piano

DOR-90159 Cover - 18054 Bytes Dear Friend,
      I am enclosing (for your enjoyment I hope) a second volume of Brahms' piano music.
And so, dear friend, I close with the hope that these transcendentally beautiful works will speak fully and eloquently, where my own words can only hint.   To express with words what is unutterably precious in music such as this is a vain pursuit - hence the lighthearted tone of some of my remarks.   Please accept this volume with my wishes that by playing, I have more adequately expressed what I really feel.   If I have succeeded, I would wish only to have provided the means by which you will come to love this music as much as I do.
Sincerely yours      
     Antonin Kubalek


Seven Fantasias, Op. 116 (1892)
[1] Capriccio in D Minor (Presto energico)
[2] Intermezzo in A Minor (Andante)
[3] Capriccio in G Minor (Allegro passionato)
[4] Intermezzo in E Major (Adagio)
[5] Intermezzo in E Minor (Andante con grazia ed intimissimo sentimento)
[6] Intermezzo in E Major (Andantino teneramente)
[7] Capriccio in D Minor (Allegro agiato)

Two Rhapsodies, Op. 79 (1879)
[8] Rhapsody No. 1 in B Minor
[9] Rhapsody No. 2 in G Minor

Six Piano Pieces, Op. 118 (1892)
[10] Intermezzo in A Minor (Allegro non assai, ma molto appassionato)
[11] Intermezzo in A Major (Andante teneramente)
[12] Ballade in G Minor (Allegro energico)
[13] Intermezzo in F Minor (Allegretto un poco agitato)
[14] Romanze in F Major (Andante)
[15] Intermezzo in E-flat Minor (Andante, largo e mesto)

Four Piano Pieces, Op. 119 (1892)
[16] Intermezzo in B Minor (Adagio)
[17] Intermezzo in E Minor (Andantino un poco agitato)
[18] Intermezzo in C Major (Grazioso e giocoso)
[19] Rhapsody in E-flat Major (Allegro risoluto)

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