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Celebrating Dorian Recording's 10th Anniversary

DOR-90010 Cover - 5539 BytesIn October 1998, Craig D. Dory and Brian M. Levine launched a label and a dream.
With the release of the first Dorian Recordings® compact discs, the co-founders of the Dorian Group, Ltd. established themselves as pioneers.   Their passionate pursuit of the ultimate blend of world-class performances and cutting-edge recording technology is now their trademark.   Their energetic dedication to the production of the finest possible compact disc recordings has earned them a reputation for setting industry strandards. Stereophile magazine calls it "absolute music of absolute quality.   You could do infinitely worse.   You can't do better."

From The Mannerist Revolution [DOR-90154]
Performed by Pomerium - Alexander Blachly, Director
[1] O vos omnes (Carlo Gesualdo, c.1561-1613)

From Montségur: La tragé cathare [DOR-90243]
Performed by La Nef
[2] Des Oge mais (Cantiga I)

From The Renaissance Lute [DOR-90186]
Performed by Ronn McFarlane, Lute
[3] Passemeze (Adrian Le Roy c.1520-1598)

From On the Banks of Helicon [DOR-90139]
Performed by The Baltimore Consort
[4] In a garden so green (Anon. Forbes 1662)

From The Ladyes Delight [DOR-90252]
Performed by The Baltimore Consort
[5] My Lord of Oxenfords Maske (William Byrd? Consort Lessons 1599)

From The Enchanted Isles [DOR-90120]
Performed by Carol Thompson, Harp
[6] Lord Inchiquin (Turlough O'Carolan, 1670-1738)

From The English Lute Song [DOR-90109]
Performed by Julianne Baird, Soprano - Ronn McFarlane, Lute
[7] Have You Seen But a White Lily Grow? (Robert Johnson c.1583-1633)

From Folie Douce (Sweet Folly) [DOR-90262]
Performed by Ensemble Doulce Mémoire
[8] Bransle Gay double VIII (3) & Bransle double de Poictu IX

From Simphonies des noëls [DOR-90180]
Performed by Les Violons du Roy - Bernard Labadie, Conductor
From Marc-Antoine Charpentier (d.1704) Noëls pour les instruments
[9]   Joseph est bien marié
[10] Or nous dites, Marie
[11] À la venur de Noël
[12] Où s'en vont ces gais bergers?

From The Scotch Humour [DOR-90256]
Performed by Chatham Baroque
[13] From Ayres in G Minor (Book I): Giga (Nicola Matteis)
[14] From Ayres in G Minor (Book I): Gavotta

From Man With the Wooden Flute [DOR-90166]
performed by Chris Norman, Wooden Flute
[15] Hugh O'Donnell (Turlough O'Carolan)

From The True Lover's Farewell [DOR-90213]
Performed by Custer LaRue, Soprano
[16] Gypsen Davey (Tennessee 1916)

From The Mystic and the Muse [DOR-90247]
Performed by Ensemble Galilei
[17] My Love is in America & Mother's Delight

From Paganini: Music for Strings and Guitar [DOR-90237]
Performed by The Díaz Trio - Julian Gray, Guitar
[18] From Quartetto 15: Rondo - Allegretto

From Piano Music of Robert Schumann [DOR-90116]
Performed by Antonin Kubalek, Piano
[19] From Kinderscenen: Träumerei

From Schubert: Complete Works for Violin and Piano [DOR-90137]
Performed by Jaime Laredo, Violin - Stephanie Brown, Piano
[20] Sonatina in D Major, D.384: Allegro vivace

From Danzón [DOR-90254]
Performed by the Simón Bolívar Sym.Orc. - Keri-Lynn Wilson, Conductor
[21] Batuque (Oscar Lorenzo Ferández, 1897-1948)

From Homage to Sarasate [DOR-90183]
Performed by Rachel Barton, Violin - Samuel Sanders, Piano
[22] Zapateado, Op.23, No.2.

From Latin American Ballets [DOR-90211]
Performed by the Simón Bolívar Sym.Orc. - Eduardo Mata, Conductor
[23] From Chávez: Horse-Power Suite: El Trópico (The Tropics)

From Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition [DOR-90117]
Performed by Jean Guillou, Organ
[24] The Great Gate at Kiev (Trans. Guillou)

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