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Airs For
The Seasons
Floral Suites of James Oswald

The Broadside Band
Jeremy Barlow, Director & Harpsichord
Richard Gwilt, Violin   Janet See, Flute
Matthew Dixon, Oboe   Marilyn Sansom, Cello

James Oswald came from a humble Scottish background, yet ended his days with the trappings of upper class English country life.   In between he had a career which involved almost every area of the 18th century music business, including publishing, teaching, concert promotion, performing and dancing as well as composing.   Recent research (much of it by Heather Melvill, who has connections with Oswald's family) has given us a clearer picture of his unusual life, even if some mysteries still remain.
- Jeremy Barlow

The Ranunculus
(Spring) 1755 oboe
[1] Aria: Moderato
[2] Allegro Andante
[3] Tempo di Minuetto

The Veronica
(Summer) 1755 violin
[4] Aria: Largo affettuoso
[5] Allegro

The Marvel of Peru
(Autumn) 1755 flute
[6] Scortese: Moderato
[7] Comic: Allegro ma non Presto
[8] Mussette: Allegro moderato

The Golden Rod
(Winter) 1755 oboe
[9] Pastorale: Andante
[10] Mussette: Allegro moderato
[11] Tempo di Minuetto: Allegro

The Lady's Mantle
(Spring) 1761 violin
[12] Plaintive: Languente
[13] Allegro
[14] Aria: Vivace

The Myrtle
(Summer) 1761 violin
[15] Mezza Voce: Moderato
[16] Allegro
[17] Minuetto: Vivace

The Narcissus
(Spring) 1755 flute
[18] Air: Pastorale Andante
[19] Giga: Vivace

The Heliotrope
(Summer) 1755 flute
[20] Siciliana: Affettuoso
[21] Allegro
[22] Largo: Amoroso
The Night Shade
(Autumn) 1755 flute
[23] Aria: Pastorale vivace
[24] Sostenuto: Moderato
[25] Hornpipe: Con spirito

The Heart's Ease
(Winter) 1755 flute
[26] Siciliana: Andante
[27] Allegretto amoroso

The Oriental Mallow
(Autumn) 1761 violin
[28] Allegro
[29] Largo
[30] Tempo di Minuetto: Vivace

The Hawthorn
(Winter) 1761 violin
[31] Plaintive: Amoroso
[32] Allegro
[33] Presto

The Crocus
(Spring) 1755 oboe
[34] Aria: Moderato
[35] Allegro Assai

The Poppy
(Summer) 1755 flute
[36] Aria: Andante
[37] Gavotta: Allegro

The Belvedere
(Autumn) 1755 oboe
[38] Cantabile: Amoroso Largo
[39] Non Presto: Allegro

The Snow Drop
(Winter) 1755 flute
[40] Affettuossimo: Larghetto
[41] Gavotta: Allegro

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