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Echoes of  Spain

Galician - Portuguese Music of the Middle Ages

James Carrier: shawms, saz, tambourine.
Hazel Ketchum: voice, saz, chit arra percussion
John Holenko: oud, saz
Geoff Cormier percussion

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The lavish manuscripts of the Cantigas de Santa Maria are beautifully illustrated with miniatures depicting musicians and instruments of the period.   Among the many instruments represented are: the large Arabic oud, the long-necked lute or saz, the small chitarra latina, shawms, end-blown flutes, harps and an assortment of percussion instruments.   The instruments, many of eastern origin, are depicted being played by Spanish court figures, Moors and Jews.   We have used all of these instruments in various combinations in our performances.   The small guitar, probably indigenous to Spain, adds a particular local color to the sound.
- Sonus

[1.] A que por muy gran Fremosa (CSM 384) . Alfonso X

Cantigas de amigo . Martin Codax
[2.] I. Ondas do mare de Vigo
[3.] II. Mandad' ei comigo
[4.] III. Mia irmana fremosa
[5.] IV. Ai Deus
[6.] V. Quantas sabedes amare amigo
[7.] VI. Eno sagrado en Vigo
[8.] VII. Ai ondas

[9.] Muito domostrata (CSM 292) . Alfonso X

[10.] A Virgen que de Deus Madre (CSM 322) . Alfonso X

[11.] Fontis in rivulum (harp) . Las Huelgas Codex

[12.] Senpre punnow muit' a Virgen (CSM 196) . Alfonso X

[13.] Ben pode Santa Maria (CSM 189) . Alfonso X

[14.] Quen a Virgen ben sevira (CSM 103) . Alfonso X

[15.] Pois que dos Reys Nostro Sennor (CSM 424) . Alfonso X

[16.] Fontis in rivulum (voice, harp) . Las Huelgas Codex

[17.] Ben per esta (CSM 221) . Alfonso X

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