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Piano Works of
Jan Ladislav Dussek

Volume Three
Frederick Marvin, Piano

DIS-80138 Cover - 18157 Bytes Like Chopin, Dussek wrote almost exclusively for piano.   His style can be characterized as proto-romantic and an outgrowth as well as final florescence of the German Empfindsamkeit (sensibility) movement.   Dussek's sonatas and concertos combine with a significant depth of expressive content, a wide range of dynamic levels varying from triple pianissimo to triple fortissimo, and a kaleidoscope of pianistic colors.   They present great fluency and virtuoso polish.   In his monumental three-volume "History of the Sonata Idea," the distinguished musicologist William S. Newman regards Dussek's best sonatas as being "as close to the best of their day, including those of Clementi, Beethoven, Schubert and Weber - a view that may very well surprise all but the relatively few who have had the opportunity to explore or re-explore for themselves."
- Frederick Marvin

Sonata in G Major, No.51 (1788)
[1] Larghetto con espressione
[2] Allegro

Sonata in G Major, Op.35, No.2
[3] Allegro
[4] Rondo: molto Allegro, con espressione

Sonata in B-flat Major, Op.39, No.3
[5] Allegro con spirito
[6] Rondo: Andantino espressivo, ma con moto

Grand Sonata in E-flat Major, Op.75
[7] Allegro ma non troppo
[8] Andante moderato
[9] Rondo: Allegro moderato grazioso

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