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the goat also gallops

DIS-80124 Cover - 22427 Bytes The name Natraj is derived from the Sanskrit nata, meaning dance, and raja, meaning king.   The ancient traditions of India depict the figure of Natraj beating out the cosmic rhythm of the universe, destroying ignorance and renewing life's energy.
We created the music on this album by drawing on diverse musical traditions from around the world.   Our primary influences are North Indian classical music, West African traditional music, and jazz.   We also incorporate elements of music of Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia
      - Phil Scarff, December 1989

Phil Scarff soprano saxophone, axatse, gankogui
Mat Maneri five-string electric violin, axatse
Michael Rivard acoustic bass, gankogui, kidi
Jerry Leake tabla, naqqara, cymbals, gongs,
temple block, voice
Simone Haggiag congas, bongos, tambourine snare,
tom-toms, talking drum, cymbals, cowbells,
wood blocks, gankogui
accompanied by
Warne Russell tamboura (2, 4, 7)

[1] Ava De Se West African traditional transcribed by David Locke
      arranged by Natraj
[2] East of Benares - Mother Ganga Composed and arranged by Phil Scarff
[3] Composition in Raga Rageshri Composed by Phil Scarff,
      arranged by Phill Scarff and Anupam Rai
[4] Dha Ra Dha Tin Na Composed and arranged by Phil Scarff
[5] Dobro Dosle Bulgarian traditional
[6] For You, Gahu Composed and arranged by Phil Scarff
[7] Lonely Woman Composed by Ornette Coleman
[8] The Goat Also Gallops Composed and arranged by Phil Scarff

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