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Warren Bernhardt

Amelia's Song

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One day not long ago I was thinking of my grandmother Amelia.   My father's mother.   I never met her because she died the year before I was born, but I remembered my dad telling me that she loved music.   She even owned a big old upright piano (in a lumber camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the 1890's) and she used to play a little and sing and hymns and such.   And she was the one who turned my dad onto music and the piano and he went on to become a terrific pianist.   Then, of course, he was the one who turned me on.   So there was a real inheritance there in terms of music and the piano that wasn't there in my other grandparents.
. . .   Warren Bernhardt

Warren Bernhardt ~ Piano
Jay Anderson ~ Bass
Peter Erskine ~ Drums

1.   Amelia's Song
2.   Polka Dots & Moonbeams
3.   I Hear a Rhapsody
4.   Vals para Warren
5.   E.S.P.
6.   Prelude to a Kiss
7.   Desafinado
8.   Sweet & Lovely

Introducing Super Audio CD
It looks like a CD and it plays in all existing CD players, but this hybrid Super Audio CD (SACD) is much, much more.   Created by Sony and Philips - the people who invented CD - this is actually a two layered disc.
First is a reflective CD layer that assures backward compatibility with nearly 600 million CD players worldwide.  
Second is a semi-transmissive high-density layer, which can be read by a new generation of Super Audio CD players.
It represents a new, altogether different way to produce music.   An even better CD.
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Also available as an audiophile CD

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