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Warren Bernhardt

So Real

Direct Stream Digital
Multichannel Super Audio CD


This is Warren Bernhardt's seventh recording with dmp.   His first recording for dmp was actually the label's first release back in 1983.   That recording was also a trio setting with Eddie Gomez on bass and Peter Erskine on drums.   On "So Real", Jay Anderson is on bass and Peter once again is on drums.   The people at dmp feel that Warren really shines in this trio setting

"So Real" was recorded live (no edits) in the DSD format.   All songs presented here are "first takes"' with the exception of "Autumn Leaves".   Warren chose to change the tempo and give the song a different feel.

Warren Bernhardt ~ Piano
Jay Anderson ~ Bass
Peter Erskine ~ Drums

1.   Autumn Leaves
2.   Never Let Me Go
3.   Brigas Nunca Mais
4.   Somewhere
5.   I Mean You
6.   On The Lake
7.   Don't Explain
8.   I Should Care
9.   So Real

Introducing Super Audio CD
It looks like a CD and it plays in all existing CD players, but this hybrid Super Audio CD (SACD) is much, much more.   Created by Sony and Philips - the people who invented CD - this is actually a two layered disc.
First is a reflective CD layer that assures backward compatibility with nearly 600 million CD players worldwide.  
Second is a semi-transmissive high-density layer, which can be read by a new generation of Super Audio CD players.
It represents a new, altogether different way to produce music.   An even better CD.
SACD and DSD and their logos are trademarks of Sony Corporation

Also available as an audiophile CD

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