John Tropea
NY Cats Direct

Recent developments in the advancement of 20-bit conversion technology have made it possible to to transfer the original 50.4 khz NY Cats Direct session master directly to the 44.1 khz CD format. The reult is a milestone recording made even better.

Guitarist John Tropea leads a pack of New York's most in-demand session players including Steve Gadd, the late Don Grolnick and Richard Tee, Anthony Jackson and George Young for what Fanfare Magazine calls "65 minutes of climbing up to heaven jazz fusion".

[1] Free Lunch
[2] Moroccan Nights
[3] The Chant
[4] Mr. Music
[5] Honky Tonk (Part 1)
[6] Just Blue
[7] NYC Direct
[8] Tamborine
[9] Super Ascension

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