Bob Mintzer Big Band

Gently is exactly what the title suggests: a gentle approach to the big band instrumentation, using clarinets and flutes in place of saxophones, muted brass, the addition of french horns on two numbers, and writing for the band in a range and style which projects a soothing, warm sound.   This is not to say that there isn't intensity in the music.   What I've discovered is that when music is played softly it sounds more intense and projects with a greater clarity and energy.   The band actually sounds, louder when it plays softer.
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Bob Mintzer
Lawrence Feldman (alto sax & flute)
Pete Yellin (alto sax)
Bob Malach (tenor sax & flute)
Bob Mintzer (tenor sax & flute)
Roger Rosenberg (baritone sax & clarinet)
Trumpets / Flugelhorn
Bob Millikan (trumpet & flugelhorn)
Frank Greene (trumpet & flugelhorn)
Scott Wenholt (trumpet & flugelhorn)
Michael Phillip Mossman (trumpet & flugelhorn)
Jim Seeley (trumpet & flugelhorn)
Keith O'Quinn (tenor trombone)
Michael Davis (tenor trombone)
Larry Farrell (tenor trombone)
Dave Taylor (bass trombone)
French Horns
John Clark
Fred Griffin
Drums - Peter Erskine
Bass - Jay Anderson
Piano - Phil Markowitz
1.   Gently
2.   Timeless
3.   Original People
4.   Body and Soul
5.   Who's Walkin' Who?
6.   Don't Ever Leave Me
7.   Bright Lights
8.   Saxophone Quartet #2

Also available as a Hybrid Multichannel SACD

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