Pilhofer Jazz Quartet
Full Circle

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A while back, I began to spend some time playing my Bosendorfer piano, like I used to do in the days when creating and performing gave meaning to my life.   I knew what I had to do.

I got rid of all the hi-tech stuff, started to work on some new music and formed the Pilhofer Jazz Quartet.   Now I am discovering absolute joy in making the music that I love to make as well as the privilege of playing with talents like Steve Yeager, Gordy Johnson and my talented son Michael Pilhofer.   It's all priceless!

I am forever grateful to Tom Jung, my former partner and friend, who encouraged me to do this album.   For as long as I've known Tom, he has always been on a quest "for that perfect sound."   Lucky for the Pilhofer Jazz Quartet, he is still chasing that rainbow.

Herb Pilhofer

Herb Pilhofer ~ Piano
Steve Yeager ~ Vibes
Gordy Johnson ~ Bass
Michael Pilhofer ~ Drums

1.   Full Circle
2.   After You've Gone
3.   Sorta Rondo
4.   Yesterdays
5.   Swedish Pastry
6.   There Will Never Be Another You
7.   Gymnopedie #1
8.   Bernie's Tune
9.   I'll Take Romance
10. Bach's Lunch
11. Bodas de Sanque
12. Nicollet Avenue Breakdown

Also available as a Multichannel Super Audio CD

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