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Quality of Silence

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As I continue to grow as a player, I find myself drawn to the silence in music, or rather the space around the notes. The power and beauty of a song is determined by the notes that you don't play as much as it is the notes you play. I have also been aware of the dynamic contrast available to me as a drummer.
This project came about as a result of a conversation between Tom Jung and myself. The question, "wouldn't it be neat if someone would do a recording where the emphasis is as much on the space as on the notes?" This is it. The dynamic softness was not preconceived but rather the result of the setup in the studio. Nobody wore headphones and nobody was put in an isolation booth. So, if we couldn't hear each other, a dynamic adjustment had to be made.
There aren't that many musicians that would agree to play this softly and uncluttered on a record. The ability to play less is a true sign of a seasoned veteran. That is why these four players joined me. Andy, Tim, John and Drew are not only fully realized players but remarkable people and close friends. And who else but Tom Jung (also a close friend and my recording mentor) could bring this project to sonic fruition! Every note on this recording had to be allowed to breathe. Each tune had a certain core and we as artists had to get there in the most economically beautiful, open, and spacious way possible. My hope for you as listeners is that on repeated listening, your appreciation for the Quality of Silence will deepen.
    Warmest,           Steve Davis

Steve Davis - drums
Tim Ries - soprano saxophone
Drew Gress - bass
John Hart - guitar
Andy LaVerne - piano
[1] The Quality of Your Silence
[2] Bye Bye Blackbird
[3] One Two Free
[4] I Thought About You
[5] Yesterdays
[6] Infant Eyes
[7] Free To Be Me
[8] Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
[9] I'm Old Fashioned
[10] Freedom
[11] A Cole Porter Flat

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