Joe Beck & Ali Ryerson
* with Steve Davis - percussion

Direct Stream Digital CD

Unique is a much overused and seldom applicable word, but it truly suits this music.
For example, Ali's alto flute sound is low, throaty, almost palpable...unique.
The alto guitar has three pairs of strings in three separate registers instead of one group of six in the traditional order...unique.
Because of the unusual keys of our instruments, we never seem to know what key we're in...unique.
The bass player, my thumb, never comes late and doesn't argue much, once again...unique.
Seriously, Ali's alto flute functions as if it were an extension of my guitar, and the bass oriented tuning of the alto guitar allows me complete freedom to surround, embellish, or just highlight each flute note as if I were playing it. The key here is two voices exercising simplicity and musicality to achieve something beautiful, complex, and yes...unique.
Adding brilliant drummer/percussionist Steve Davis had the effect of polishing antique silver. His unorthodox approach to the project brought out the details and emphasized the inherent depth, craftmanship, and quality of the music.
Both Ali and I are extremely grateful to Steve, as well as to DMP Records for their vision in seeing and hearing the value of this music.
      -Joe Beck

[1] Ode To Billy Joe *
[2] 'Round Midnight
[3] Joy Spring
[4] Mother's Day *
[5] Willow Weep For Me *
[6] Waiting Is The Hardest Part
[7] Summertime
[8] Scarborough Fair / Norwegian Wood *
[9] Autumn Leaves
[10] Cuidado *
[11] Song For My Father *
[12] What Would I Do Without You?
[13] Billie's Bounce *
[14] We Will Meet Again
* with Steve Davis - percussion

Also available on DSD Super Audio CD

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