Warren Bernhardt
Family Album

Family Alblum is dedicated with love to my family. Most of these songs take a look back at some of the good times we've shared together as a family over the last twenty years or so. A Closer Look At Love is for my wife Jan, and how our feelings for one another have kept us growing. Our sons Tim (Timothy) and Dorian (Doriandance) are now grown men and live elsewhere, but we remain close in spirit and in communication. Nicki is for our beautiful daughter Nicole. Felinicity is about our five cats and Bearsville is where our home is, in New York's Hudson Valley. Homeward has that warm feeling I get when heading home from afar. - Warren Bernhardt

[1] Bearsville
[2] Felinicity
[3] Timothy
[4] A Closer Look At Love
[5] It Happened At Midnight
[6] Family Album
[7] Nora (Intro)
[8] Nora
[9.] Doriandance
[10.] Nicki
[11.] Homeward
[12.] Save The Best For Last

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