Garry Dial and Dick Oatts
Dial and Oatts play Cole Porter

What Dial and Oatts have accomplished with this record transcends the obvious achievement of having made beautiful music. They've cast the spotlight on Cole Porter and his less celebrated compositional efforts; on an underappreciated song structure; on themselves as both conceptualisers and players; and on their empathetic union with bassist Jay Anderson and drummer Jeff Hirshfield. - Jeff Levenson

[1] Everything I Love
[2] So In Love
[3] I Love You
[4] All Of You
[5] Down In The Depths
      (On The Ninetieth Floor)
[6] What Is This Thing Called Love
[7] At Long Last Love
[8] Ridin' High
[9.] Let's Do It
[10.] Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye
[11] Too Much Is Just Right

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