The Dolphins
Old World New World

This record sounds better each time you listen to it. . . the strength of the soloists is one aspect that enhances successive listenings, but also the subtleties in the arrangements, combined with the attractive complexities of the rhythm section are points of aural satisfaction that are sure to endure - Larry Coryell

Dan Brubeck , Drums
Mike DeMicco, Electric guitar
Rob Leon, Bass
Vinnie Martucci, Keyboards
[1] The Bridge
[2] Caravan
[3] Savannah
[4] Street Legal
[5] No. 29
[6] Loco Viento
[7] Just For Today
[8] Rapunzel's Last Dance
[9] Unbroken Dreams
[10] What If
[11] Old World New World
[12] When I Fall In Love

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