Flim & the BB's
Vintage BB's

Billy Barber - mostly keyboards & vocals on track 13
Bill Berg - mostly drums
Flim Johnson - mostly basses
Dick Oatts - mostly saxophones
Kathy Mueller - vocals on track 13

[1] Flim Bob Diddley (prev. unreleased)
[2] Just Another Beautiful Day (from Neon - CD458)
[3] High Roller (from Tunnel CD447)
[4] Tricycle (from Tricycle CD443)
[5] Heart Throb (from Big Notes CD454)
[6] On The Avenue (from Further Adventures CD462)
[7] Momentary Truce (from Tunnel CD447)
[8] Cakewalk (from Tricycle CD443)
[9] Light At The End Of The Tunnel (from Tunnel CD447)
[10] Born To Love You (from Big Notes CD454)
[11] Tell Me (from Tricycle CD443)
[12] At The Hop (from Big Notes CD454)
[13] Someday (prev. unreleased)

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