Warren Bernhardt
Ain't Life Grand

This album of recordings is joyfully dedicated to all the members of my family and celebrates our short times here in music. Life is indeed grand, an unfathomable and beautiful mystery, and I am so glad to have known and loved and been loved by you all.

BLUE LAKE concerns a lake I happen to love which is suffering from acid rain; SWEET GARDENIA is especially dedicated to Billie Holiday; AU BORD de l'EAU is in memory of my dearest friend Anita Huguet-Paudras; EVERYTHING I LOVE salutes the greatest pianist Ahmad Jamal. - Warren Bernhardt

[1] Sara's Touch
[2] Blue Lake
[3] Ain't Life Grand
[4] Sweet Gardenia
[5] Everything I Love
[6] Balança
[7] Days Of Wine & Roses
[8] Moonshiner
[9.] Vignette
[10.] Falling In Love With Love
[11.] Au Bord de l'Eau

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