Garry Dial and Dick Oatts

The collaborators here are, of course, brass instruments - trumpets, French horns and trombones - played by some of the leading studio musicians. Though their role in the music is similar in its vitality to that of the string players in the previous album ("Dial and Oatts"), the colors and textures here offer a different variety of moods. The sound of brass is in some way quintessentially American, classic and nostalgic, reminiscent of some band-shell in a park on a holiday. - Donald Elfman

[1] The Great Divide
[2] Solidarity
[3] The Tailor
[4] Pure Thought
[5] Dial's Style
[6] The Greed Factor
[7] Turn & Let Me Hold You
[8] Rumination
[9.] A Fine Line
[10.] Weatherman
[11] Danish Beauty

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