Garry Dial and Dick Oatts
Dial and Oatts

We can't say enough about Jay Anderson's and Joey Baron's contribution to us and to this recording. We never had to discuss musical details except in a very broad sense, and no matter what we came up with they helped us turn the experience into magic. It's long been a dream to compose and play with a full string orchestra and hearing our music performed by 30 of the finest string players in New York was simply overwhelming. - Dick Oatts

Recently I've had the pleasure of collaborating with one of Australia's greatest artists - Ken Done - by composing music to his art. We also share a bond between music and art, and it is a great honor to have Ken, after listening to our music, create the cover for this recording. - Garry Dial.

[1] Between Us
[2] The Perfect Pill
[3] Harmonic
[4] Kept Woman
[5] I Can't Forget
[6] Major
[7] Anita
[8] Hurry Up & Wait
[9.] Your Eyes Don't Lie
[10.] The Firing
[11] I Dig Your Do
[12] Patience
[13] No Option
[14] How Do You Know
[15] Epilgoue

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