Billy Barber
Shades Of Gray

Though the pieces generally speak for themselves, a few words of explanation may be in order.

The harmonics in "Shades Of Gray" and "The Man In The Moon" are not prepared piano but are played by placing a finger at various places along the bass strings as you would play harmonics on a guitar.
"Mound Boogie" was written for the not-so-teeming metropolis of Mound, Minnesota and "Water Waltze" was written for Lake Minnetonka, which Mound overlooks.
"Beth", "Matt" and "Michelle" make up a trilogy based on the personalities of my two sisters and brother. The other pieces are all programatic except of course the Gershwin classic,"Someone To Watch Over Me" which is dedicated to the love of my life, Kathryn Barber Conover. - Billy Barber.

[1] Flowers From A Secret Admirer
[2] Shades Of Gray
[3] Mound Boogie
[4] Water Waltze
[5] Beth
[6] Matt
[7] Michelle
[8] Cliffhanger
[9] The Man InThe Moon
[10.] Parachute
[11.] The Road Back
[12.] Good Night Jerry Lee
[13.] Someone To Watch Over Me

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