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LP 051 Cover
LP 051
McCoy Tyner
McCoy Tyner, Joe Henderson, Ron Carter, Al Foster
New York Reunion
[ Audiophile LP ]
LP 115 Cover
LP 115
Rebecca Pidgeon
with Joel Diamond, Anthony Coote, George Naha, Mitch Margold, David Finck,
Gary Burke, Coco Kallis, Paul Miller, Elise Morris, Juliet Haffner, Erik Friedlander,
Laura Seaton, Robert Chausow
The Raven
[ Audiophile LP ]
JD 389 Cover
JD 389
Macy Gray
with Ari Hoenig, Daryl Johns, Russell Malone, Wallace Roney
[ Biaural + CD ]
LP 389 Cover
LP 389
Macy Gray
with Ari Hoenig, Daryl Johns, Russell Malone, Wallace Roney
[ Audiophile LP ]
JD 388 Cover
JD 388
John McEuen
with David Bromberg, Mat cartsonis, Jay Ungar, Andy Goessling, Marhta Redbone
David Amram, John Cowan, John Carter Cash, Skip Ward, Kevin Twigg
Made In Brooklyn
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 384 Cover
JD 384
Mellisa Menago
Melissa Menago, Chris Kissel, Keith Gill
Little Crimes
[ Biaural + CD ]
LP 384 Cover
LP 384
Mellisa Menago
Melissa Menago, Chris Kissel, Keith Gill
Little Crimes
[ Audiophile LP ]
JD 383 Cover
JD 383
City of The Sun
John Pita, Avi Snow, Zach Para
To The Sun and All The Cities In Between
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 381 Cover
JD 381
Alexis Cole
Alexis Cole, Jeff Haynes, Gus Courtsunis, Marvin Sewell, Mark Peterson,
Maria Quintanilla, Evan Sundquist, Julie Harris
Dazzling Blue : The Music of Paul Simon
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 380 Cover
JD 380
Noah Wall
Noah Wall, Tommy Norris, Ariel De La Portilla, Ed Snodgrass, ChuckPalmer
Down Home Blues
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 375 Cover
JD 375
The New Appalachians
Dave Eggar, Chuck Palmer, Noah Wall, Jacob Baine, Tommy Norris, Tyler Hughes,
Tony Maceli, C. Lanzbom
From The Mountaintops
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 374 Cover
JD 374
Various Artists & Sounds
Dr. Chesky Presents You're Surrounded CD

[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 373 Cover
JD 373
Mangue Sylla and the All-Star Drummers of Guinea
Mangue Sylla, Fomoro Diuobate, Sekou Pablo Dembele, Aboubacar Kouyate,
Abdulla Toure, Abou Tanakan Camara, Nima Tanaka Camara, Missia Soran Diuobate
Dunnun Kan
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 372 Cover
JD 372
Wallace Roney, Bob Belden, Oz Noy, Kevin Hayes, Daryl Johns, Lenny White
In an Ambient Way
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 371 Cover
JD 371
The Chelsea Symphony, Yaniv Segal, conductor
David Chesky: Joy & Sorrow
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 370 Cover
JD 370
Kenny Barron & Mark Sherman
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 369 Cover
JD 369
David Chesky & Jazz in the New Harmonic
David Chesky, Billy Drummond, Javon Jackson, Jeremy Pelt & Peter Washington
Primal Scream
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 368 Cover
JD 368
Xiomara Laugart
with Axel Tosca Laugart, Roman Lajara, Luis Quintero, Yunior Terry, Javier Port & Gerardo Contino
Tears and Rumba
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 367 Cover
JD 367
Dave Liebman
with Willy Rodriguez, Paulo Stagnaro, Gabo Lugo, Marcos Lopez, Oscar Stagnaro
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 366 Cover
JD 366
Alexis Cole
with Saul Ruben, Dan Block, Pat O'Leary & Phil Stewart
A Kiss In The Dark
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 353 Cover
JD 365
Candido Camero
The Master
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 363 Cover
JD 363
Fundação Orquestra Estúdio
Rui Massena conductor
David Chesky's The Zephyrtine: A Ballet Story
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 362 Cover
JD 362
Bucky Pizzarelli Trio
featuring John Pizzarelli & Ed Laub
Three For All
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 360 Cover
JD 360
David Hazeltine Trio
David Hazeltine, piano; George Mraz, bass & Jason Brown, drums
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 359 Cover
JD 359
David Chesky
Yamaha DCFX Mark IV Disklavier Pro Grand Piano
David Chesky: The New York Rags
JD 358 Cover
JD 358
David Chesky, Billy Drummond,
Javon Jackson, Jeremy Pelt & Peter Washington
David Chesky: Jazz in the New Harmonic
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 357 Cover
JD 357
CC Coletti
Bring It On Home
CC Coletti Sings The American Roots of Zeppelin

[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 356 Cover
JD 356
Amber Rubarth
Sessions from the 17th Ward
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 355 Cover
JD 355
Various Artists & Sounds
Dr. Chesky's Sensational, Fantastic,
and Simply Amazing Binaural Sound Show

[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 354 Cover
JD 354
Wycliffe Gordon
Dreams of New Orleans
[ Biaural + CD ]
JD 353 Cover
CD 353
David Chesky, Tom Chiu, Dave Eggar, Orchestra Area 31
David Chesky: String Theory
JD 352 Cover
JD 352Jamey Haddad, Lenny White & Mark Sherman
Explorations in Space and Time
[ Biaural + CD ]
HQCD 351 Cover
HQCD 351
Bryan Baker electric guitar
The Unbanicity Orchestra of New York
David Chesky: Urbanicity
Concerto for Electric Guitar and Orchestra
The New York Variations
JR2291 CoverJR2291.
180g LP
Rosa Pasos & Ron Carter
Enter Amigos
[ Audiophile 180g LP ]
JR2338 CoverJR2338.
180g LP
Sam Yahel, Ari Hoenig Mike Moreno, Seamus Blake
Jazz Side of the Moon
[ Audiophile 180g LP ]
JR2346 CoverJR2346.
180g LP
John Hammond
Rough & Tough
[ Audiophile 180g LP ]
CD2009 CoverCD2009.
5 CDs
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
René Leibowitz conducting
Beethoven Symphonies Complete
JD 350 CoverJD350Livingston Taylor
Last Alaska Moon
SACD 349 CoverSACD349Xiomara Laugart
La Voz
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 348 CoverSACD348Beat Kaestli
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 347 CoverSACD347Jen Chapin
reVision: Songs of Stevie Wonder
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 346 CoverSACD346John Hammond
Rough & Tough
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 345 CoverSACD345Louise Rogers
Black Coffee
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 344 CoverSACD344Jimmy Cobb Quartet
Jazz In The Key of Blue
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 343 CoverSACD343Various Artists
The Ultimate Demonstration Disc Vol. 2
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 342 CoverJD342Paquito D'Rivera
Spice It Up: The Best Of Paquito D'Rivera
SACD 341 CoverSACD341Lenny White, Buster Williams, George Colligan, Steve Wilson
Hancock Island: The Music of Herbie Hancock
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 340 CoverSACD340Monty Alexander, Lorin Cohen, George Fludas
The Good Life: The Songs of Tony Bennett
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 339 CoverSACD339Monty Alexander, Lorin Cohen, George Fludas
Calypso Blues: The Songs of Nat King Cole
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 338 CoverSACD338Sam Yahel, Mike Moreno, Ari Hoenig, Seamus Blake
Jazz Side of the Moon: The Music of Pink Floyd
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 337 CoverSACD337The Larry Coryell Organ Trio: L Coryell, S Yahel, P Wertico
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 336 CoverSACD336The Best of New York Sessions Vol. 2
Various Chesky Records Artists
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 335 CoverJD335Various Chesky Records Artists
Romance in Rio
SACD 334 CoverSACD334McCoy Tyner Quartet
New York Reunion
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 333 CoverSACD333Javon Jackson, David Hazeltine, Tony Reedus, Paul Gill
Sugar Hill: The Music of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 332 CoverSACD332Valerie Joyce
The Look of Love: The Music of Burt Bacharach
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 329 CoverSACD329Rebecca Pidgeon
The Raven
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 328 CoverSACD328David Hazeltine, Nat Reeves, Joe Farnsworth
The Jobim Songbook in New York
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 327 CoverSACD327The Jimmy Cobb Quartet: R Hargrove, R Mathews, P Washington, J Cobb
Cobb's Corner
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 326 CoverSACD326The Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera, R Gergov
David Chesky: Urban Concertos
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 325 CoverSACD325Various Chesky Records Artists
Best of New York Sessions Volume 1
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 324 CoverSACD324Fred Hersch & Friends
Fred Hersch Personal Favorites
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 323 CoverSACD323Various Chesky Records Artists
The World's Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings
SACD 322 CoverSACD322Larry Coryell, Victor Bailey & Lenny White
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 321 CoverSACD321Bob Belden, Nicholas Payton, John Hart, Sam Yahel & Billy Drummond
Mysterious Shorter
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 320 CoverJD320Various Chesky Records Artists
Live From Studio A
SACD 319 CoverJD319Various Chesky Records Artists
HOME ENTERTAINMENT 10 Best Tracks + Tests
SACD 318 CoverSACD318John Hicks, Buster Williams & Louis Hayes
On The Wings of an Eagle
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 317 CoverSACD317John Abercrombie & Eddie Gomez with Gene Jackson
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 316 CoverJD316Valerie Joyce
New York Blue
SACD 314 CoverSACD314Jimmy Cobb, Cedar Walton, Javon Jackson & Christian McBride
New York Time
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 312 CoverCH312Various Chesky Records Artists
Cheky Records 20th Anniversary
SACD 311 CoverJD311Xiomara Laugart
SACD 310 CoverSACD310David Hazeltine & George Mraz with Billy Drummond
[ Hybrid Multichannel SACD ]
SACD 309 CoverJD309Carlos Franzetti
Songs For Lovers
SACD 308 CoverJD308Larry Coryell, Victor Bailey & Lenny White
SACD 307 CoverJD307Livingston Taylor
There You Are Again
SACD 306 CoverJD306The Persuasions
The Persuasions sing U2
SACD 302 CoverJD302Badi Assad
The Best of Badi
SACD 301 CoverJD301Marta Gómez
Entre Cada Palabra
SACD 300 CoverJD300Rachel Z
SACD 299 CoverJD299Billy Burnette
Memphis in Manhattan

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