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Dr. Chesky Presents You're Surrounded CD


[ Binaural + CD ]
  1. Doundounba (Sylla, Mangue and The All-Star Drummers of Guinea)
  2. Wafairing Stranger (The New Appalachians)
  3. Rejoice In The Lord Always (The Cerddorion Vocal Ensemble)
  4. Shh Peaceful (Powerhouse)
  5. Soli (Sylla, Mangue and The All-Star Drummers of Guinea)
  6. Blues For Lars (Jackson, Javon and Drummond, Billy)
  7. Central Park Morning (Manhattan Brass Quintet)
  8. John Henry (The New Appalachians)
  9. Kyrie (The Cerddorion Vocal Ensemble)
10. Toccata and Ritornelli from L’Orfeo (Manhattan Brass Quintet)
11. Walking In Circles (Jackson, Javon)
12. Counting (The Cerddorion Vocal Ensemble)
13. Basketball (Dr. Chesky and Mezrich, Mor)
14. When the Saints Go Marching In (Wycliffe Gordon)

A wealth of talent is on display in 14 tracks from the likes of The All-star Drummers of Guinea, The New Appalachians, POWERHOUSE, Javon Jackson and Billy Drummond, The Manhattan Brass Quintet, The Cerddorion Vocal Ensemble, and Wycliffe Gordon.   Discover the full power of your headphones and get lost in a world of binaural sound.
Dr. Chesky asks…, “Is it possible to hear an all natural 360 degree soundstage with just headphones and no artificial processing?”

The answer is maybe. It depends on a few things.   Everyone’s ears are different, just like your fingerprints.   In other words, people that have ears that closely match our B & K Binaural human shaped head microphone's “ears” will hear the most precise and immersive sound field; those whose ears don't match exactly will still hear an immersive sound field.   We have recorded a great selection of music and tests to demonstrate that it is possible to be enveloped in a 360 degree sound field with just a pair of headphones, without any ARTIFICIAL processing or additives, just all natural 100 percent organic Binaural.   Of course, all headphones sound different and the immersion may vary, depending on the design of the headphone, and how it matches your ears.   So if you have the chance, try listening with different full-size headphones as well as in-ear headphones.   We wish you great listening.

Part of the Chesky Binaural + Series, all recorded with a single microphone, the band appears right before you with this spacious, lush and multi-dimensional recording.   Now headphone users will hear the same three-dimensional sound and imaging as audiophiles have for the past 25 years with Chesky Recordings.   Also these new Binaural+ Series albums capture even more spatial realism for the home audiophile market, bringing you one step closer to the actual event.   You will hear some of the most natural and pure cool music ever recorded.

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