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In An Ambient Way


[ Binaural + CD ]

1. Shhh/Peaceful     11:21
2. In a Silent Way     5:17
3. It's About That Time     14:29
4. Early Minor     7:54
5. Mademoiselle Mabury     10:05
6. In a Silent Way (outro)     3:01

Wallace Roney trumpet Bob Belden soprano sax & flute
Oz Noy guitar Kevin Hayes fender rhodes
Daryl Johns bass Lenny White drums

By nature, jazz is a music of eternal curiosity, the idea being the excitement of discovery, finding that road not taken that leads to a place of wonder.   There is a real internal reaction to being afforded the privilege of curiosity and this is often reflected in an enthusiasm that takes the musical efforts to a higher level, be it personally or aesthetically.

What is “sound” as it relates to jazz music?   Is sound what we identify with a unique individual soloist, band leader, composer or arranger?   Is sound the ambiance of the environment, be it a small intimate club, a concert hall or stadium?   Does sound encompass a unity of purpose as in “does he/she sound good” or “what does the music sound like?”   As used today, sound is a multi-dimensional word.

In the case of this recording, sound is the catalyst that adds an extra dimension to the music and recording process, a catalyst for improvising aural textures parallel to tonal textures.   In jazz terms, this is not only playing melodies, harmonies and form structures, but also playing to the sound of the room (or the sound of a digital room via reverb).   The room in this case, where this recording was done, is a large church with huge arched ceilings and a two second echo.   Sound projection has influence on what kind of music to present and how a musician reacts musically to those circumstances.

The addition of the sonic texture as a contribution to the improvisation is what makes this recording unique.   Not only is the texture of the room taken into consideration for the choice of music, but also the choice and placement of the instruments within the matrix of the capture of sound, all of which added to the input of inspiration that makes the music more living and interactive.

… - Bob Belden

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