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featuring Saul Ruben, Dan Block, Pat O'Leary & Phil Stewart

[ Binaural + CD ]

  1. Ain't We Got Fun (4:04)
  2. Whip-Poor-Will (4:31)
  3. Do You Ever Think of Me? (3:46)
  4. Limehouse Blues (3:45)
  5. Chicago, That Toddlin' Town (3:15)
  6. Bimini Bay (4:59)
  7. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out (2:46)
  8. After You've Gone (3:43)
  9. There's a Broken Heart For Every Light On Broadway (4:32)
10. A Kiss In the Dark (2:35)
11. Indian Summer (4:09)
12. Turn Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday (3:36)
13. Let the Rest of the World Go By (3:39)
14. Till We Meet Again (3:54)

Recorded with the Chesky Records Binaural style fit for both speakers and headphones, it captures the sound of the musicians playing in great acoustic settings.   And now, starting with the Binaural+ sessions, Chesky records has taken that approach to the next level.
The darkly alluring, deep-toned voice that embraces these timeless melodies from the parlor song era and Tin Pan Alley days (roughly 1910 to the early 1920s) belongs to the wonderful Alexis Cole.   Called “one of the great voices of today”, Alexis has been compared to classic jazz singers such as Sarah Vaughan and Anita O’Day.   Cole is the recipient of a Swing Journal Gold Disc award, and has won the NY Jazzmobile and Montreux Jazz Festival vocal competitions.

This time out, she goes further back in time with her quartet of guitarist Saul Rubin, saxophonist-clarinetist Dan Block, bassist Pat O'Leary and drummer Phil Stewart to a more genteel time when sheet music was the most common method of dissemination of popular tunes.   With her relaxed style, clear articulation, unhurried, conversational approach and all-knowing sense of cool, Cole and her crew strike a swinging accord on nuggets like “Ain’t We Got Fun,” “Bimini Bay,” “Whip-poor-will,” the buoyantly swinging title track and ten other tunes from yesteryear in this engaging retro revue.   Everything goes down nice ‘n’ easy on this luxurious outing, and Alexis delivers with timeless charm from track to track.

Part of the Chesky Binaural + Series, all recorded with a single microphone, the band and singer appear right before you with this spacious, lush and multi-dimensional recording.   Now headphone users will hear the same three-dimensional sound and imaging as audiophiles have for the past 25 years with Chesky Records.   These new Binaural+ Series albums capture even more spatial realism for the home audiophile market, bringing you one step closer to the actual event.   You will hear some of the most natural and pure vocals ever recorded of a jazz singer.

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