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  1. Fly Little Bird     (7:56)
      from On the Wings of an Eagle (SACD318)
      John Hicks, Buster Williams, Louis Hayes
      Recorded March 10, 2006

  2. Witch Hunt     (7:38)
      from Mysterious Shorter (SACD321)
      Nicholas Payton, Bob Belden, Sam Yahel, John Hart, Billy Drummond
      Recorded April 19, 2006

  3. If I Were a Bell     (5:54)
      from West of 5th (SACD313)
      Jimmy Cobb, Hank Jones, Christian McBride
      Recorded January 29, 2006

  4. Naima     (5:59)
      from Remembrances (SACD256)
      Jon Faddis
      Recorded October 13-15, 1997

  5. Dreamer     (6:45)
      from The Jobim Songbook in New York (SACD328)
      David Hazeltine, Nat Reeves, Joe Farnsworth
      Recorded November 15, 2006

  6. My Romance     (6:36)
      from New York Reunion (SACD334)
      McCoy Tyner, Joe Henderson, Ron Carter, Al Foster
      Recorded April 3-4, 1991

  7. Everything I Love     (5:43)
      from Manhattan (SACD310)
      David Hazeltine, George Mraz, Billy Drummond
      Recorded December 22, 2005

  8. Alone Together     (6:20)
      from Manhattan (SACD310)
      David Hazeltine, George Mraz, Billy Drummond
      Recorded December 22, 2005

Chesky Records' CDs and SACDs sound a lot better than what you are used to hearing.   The first thing that sets us apart is that we don't record in studios; we document the sound of musicians performing in natural acoustic settings such as churches, concert halts and small clubs.   These spaces sound beautiful and we prefer their natural reverberation over even the best digital processors.   Taking the musicians out of the confines of the normal studio environment seems to inspire them and makes their instruments sound richer and warmer.   For these “on location” sessions we set up all of our equipment the day before we record, so the gear will be fully “warmed up” when we start.   At the end of the setup day we normally do a sound check with the musicians, record a little, and fine-tune the sound before the session begins.   Depending on the type of music, we record from one to four days.

Instead of close miking all of the instruments we use one very special microphone that “hears”' the full 360 degree soundfield of the musicians and the recording venue's acoustic space.   This microphone gives our recordings precise, sharply focused lateral imaging and virtually holographic depth.   Our custom-made, audiophile-grade electronics preserve the Instruments' full harmonic richness and delivers superb low-level resolution.   Even the most subtle details of the music are presented with full fidelity.

David & Norman Chesky

This disc contains three separate versions of the same musical program:
• Direct Stream Digital™ Multi-Channel Suround Sound
• Direct Stream Digital™ 2-Channel Stereo
• CD Standard Stereo

Chesky Records are distributed in Australia by Rockian Trading