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Hybrid Multichannel SACD


John Hicks, piano
Buster Williams, bass
Louis Hayes, drums


Recorded March 10, 2006 at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, New York City.

1. Minority     6:57
2. Fly Little Bird Fly     6:46
3. Strivers Jewels     8:08
4. Balues-Bolivar-Balues-Are     6:10
5. Cheese Cake     8:18
6. Dedicated To You     7:14
7. Minor Mishap     5:24
8. Christina     5:15
7. As Birds Fly (Walton's Mountain)     7:31

hen I was asked to write these notes, I anticipated sitting down with John Hicks to discuss this music and also talk about St. Louis, a city to which he and his family moved when he was 15. …

Unfortunately, he died at 64 on May 10 before our conversation could take place.   When I interviewed his wife and musical partner, flautist Elise Wood, and expressed my regrets about the sit-down that never happened, she said, “He loved to hang out and talk to people about the history of the music and the musicians.”   …
(The Repertoire) will open up the ears of first timers and warm the souls of veteran listeners ….   As long as we have music like this transcendent disc, the light of John Hicks will never go out.
- Ira Gitler (October 2006)

This disc contains three separate versions of the same musical program:
• Direct Stream Digital™ Multi-Channel Suround Sound
• Direct Stream Digital™ 2-Channel Stereo
• CD Standard Stereo

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