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  1. It Never Entered My Mind
  2. Blue In Green
  3. Baby I Can Hold You
  4. Fever
  5. Oasis
  6. Every Time We Say Goodbye
  7. Moon and Sand
  8. Little Wing
  9. Weaver Of Dreams
10. It 's Easy To Remember
11. Darn That Dream
12. I Fall In Love Too Easily
13. Golden Slumbers

       Total Time:       51:44

Chesky Records is pleased to announce the international recording debut of vocalist Valerie Joyce with the release of New York Blue.   New York Blue is a collection of classic jazz, standard and pop tunes that showcase the singer's distinctively smoky vocal sound and nuanced performance.

Her first New York recording experience, Valerie describes the sessions for New York Blue as “ …incredible.   I am fascinated by the great classic songwriters.   Being able to record these songs with amazing musicians, and also being able to record one of my originals was a magical, unforgettable experience.”   Fans of 'magical, unforgettable' jazz vocal performances are also in for a special treat with Valerie Joyce's New York Blue debut.

    “Not since Cassandra Wilson's Blue Light 'Til Dawn has a vocalist cast such an entrancing spell as Valerie Joyce does on New York Blue.”
    - Bill Milkowski

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