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  1. La Llave
  2. Por Ti
  3. Tengo
  4. De Mis Recuerdos
  5. Soledad
  6. Plazos Traicioneros
  7. Siempre Que Te Vas
  8. Moliendo Café
  9. La Habana Joven
10. No Creo
    Chesky Records is proud to announce the release of Xiomara, the Chesky recording debut of Cuban vocal sensation Xiomara Laugart.   Xiomara is already well-known to Latin jazz and world music aficionados for her association with the acclaimed collective Yerba Buena.

    On Xiomara, this superb vocalist fuses the essence of Cuba, with its rhythmic folks songs, to a sophisticated, contemporary sound, buoyed by the participation of her Yerba Buena colleagues such as Andres Levin and Descemer Bueno.   Levin (Macy Grey, Meshell N'degeocello, D'Angelo) produced the ten tracks on Xiomara that were arranged collectively by Levin, Xiomara, Octavio Kotan, Axel Tosca, and Pedro Martinez.

    “La Negra,” as Xiomara is also known, made her first professional appearances in Cuba with legendary musician and songwriter Pablo Milanese.   She rapidly rose to the top of an impressive field of Cuban singers and was an instant international success, touring the globe multiple times.   Xiomara's extraordinary contralto echoes the memory of Celia Cruz while her distinctive performance bears the influence of the social consciousness of Nina Simone.

    “Exuding sex from her pores with the rare confidence of a seasoned performer, Havana-born Xiomara [See-oh-mahr-ah] Laugart keeps the audience of a packed New York City nightclub under a giddy spell … Leggy, slender-framed and with eyes that sparkle like fireworks, Laugart is the most visible member of Yerba Buena, a 10-piece orchestra packed with star power that is adding a fresh twist to new Latin music.” - Global Rhythm

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