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Multichannel Super Audio CD
Hybrid Disc

David Hazeltine
George Mraz Trio
with Billy Drummond



  1. In Your Own Sweet Way     (7:53)
  2. Imagination     (7:16)
  3. Out of This World     (6:40)
  4. Theme For Ernie     (5:16)
  5. Cinema Paradiso     (6:36)
  6. Alone Together     (6:20)
  7. Detour Ahead     (6:39)
  8. Don't Walk Away     (6:18)
  9. So In Love     (6:11)
10. Everything I Love     (5:43)

“… p
ianist David Hazeltine, bassist George Mraz and drummer Billy Drummond have established an easy chemistry that hinges on their shared sense of time and conversational exchanges within the structure of each song.”
- Bill Milkowski

This disc contains three separate versions of the same musical program:
• Direct Stream Digital™ Multi-Channel Suround Sound
• Direct Stream Digital™ 2-Channel Stereo
• CD Standard Stereo

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